The Lungs of Love

The Lungs of Love, Graphite on Paper, 2012. This is a drawing made from a found note that forms part of a larger series of Love Letters made at the time. I found the word LOVE scrawled on a piece of paper dropped in the street. This was transposed and repeated over and over to give the impression of falling from a great height, with the marks smudged and gouged by rubbing away to create the sense of movement. The work also suggests a pair of lungs catching a breath as the ribcage expands. There is also a variable edition series of hand finished screen prints made after the original drawing.


Black Lives Matter 2020

This series of small scale glitter paintings and prints, inspired by contemporary politics and in particular the Black Lives Matter and Extinction Rebellion marches.


Isolation Heroes 2020

A series of drawings made during lockdown of people who have spent time in solitary confinement and survived. They are made in response to the current restriction of movement orders placed on the populous throughout the world.


SUPERFLY: Endangered UK Flora & Fauna 2019

This is a series of portraits of things that crawl, those that fly, some that sprout and others who sting. All of whom are noted as endangered in the UK.



‘It’s A Hard World For Little Things’  2013-2015
Children Carrying Heavy Objects

‘It’s A Hard World For Little Things’ is a series of large-scale graphite on paper drawings depicting children and what they carry, either physical societal, mental. The drawings exploit the idea of animating on one page with the drawing constantly flickering like a film before the viewer’s eyes. The subjects in the drawings are cinematic in scale and bigger than the viewer. They show the positive aspects of the burdens that children carry, often in the face of a cruel adult world.


The Night of the Hunter 2012

These large-scale drawings are inspired by a very short scene from ?The Night Of The Hunter?, the seminal black & white film directed in 1955 by Charles Laughton. This is a story of betrayal by the adult world of two helpless children, who are forced to wander the land begging for food and shelter whilst fleeing from their evil stepfather.

It is a  tale of good and evil that encompasses the beauty of their journey on the great river as they flee from harm, with the fear that lurks within as the world of the night creatures plays out as they sail by. This is illustrated in a sequence where an owl stalks its prey, a young rabbit, we never see the moment of capture, but witness the swoop of the owl and hear the squeal of it’s quarry.


BLACK EYED SUSAN 2009 – 2012

BLACK EYED SUSAN – The Complete Series continues a long established way of working by C.A.HALPIN that is based on found words, images and notes. The paintings contain hidden, written messages and images, layered over and turned around until the words become abstracted, distorted and almost impossible to read. During the process the paintings are worked on and rotated until the images have no top or bottom, the viewer being guided only by the forms that emerge as they are painted.