Napoleon played by Brando


Napoleon Bonaparte was born in Corsica on the 15 August 1769 – 5may 1821. He rose to prominence as a military leader during the time of the French Revolution. He became the Emperor of the French and was known as Napoleon 1. He led the French in many battles, many of which he won in the Napoleonic Wars. His empire ruled over much of Europe from 1804 until its final collapse in 1815.

Throughout his time as a military leader and Ruler of France he fought with everyone on continental Europe, he was as they say mad for it. He fought with Britain, Austria, Russia, Prussia, the Ottoman Empire, Portugal, Naples, Sweden and Spain, EVERYONE! By 1814 they were all fed up with him, even his own army and so they sent him off to Elba to have a think and to abdicate on the 11th April 1814. They let him rule as Emperor on Elba (an island off the Tuscan coast) and its 12.000 inhabitants for a while, before his banishment to an island called St Helena, right in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, far away from anywhere.

St Helena is very damp and really windy, he was very unhappy here, he had hardly any money to spend and was allowed little or no comfort, with just a bunch of hard core supporters who lived with him til the end. Some people say he died of arsenic poisoning, others that he perished from stomach cancer.

Here we see Napoleon Bonaparte played by Marlon Brando in the the 1954 film Desirée.