Support A Pay Rise NHS Workers print



Proposal 2021

‘I wish to create a fine art limited edition print and poster that reflect the current climate as we face the Covid-19 pandemic. One that shows the public’s fundamental appreciation and love for the NHS and its workers. The artwork is to be donated to individual workers, hospitals, union offices, associative bodies, meeting rooms and surgeries.  As well as this there will be a download version for the general public to print out and display in their windows.’

I wish to expand the awareness of the need to support NHS workers as a whole, as well as make a piece of art that becomes a relevant point within a hospital’s art collection and for the enjoyment of its workers. Emphasising the importance of art and health, for patients, visitors and staff.

I will collaborate with a typographer and letterpress printer to create an image that defines the sentence ‘SUPPORT A PAY RISE FOR NHS WORKERS’.  My aim is to begin work on the design and production in the early months of this year and to have the prints distributed by the close of 2021. This will involve several stages from concept, to design, finding a method of fine art screen printing and a risograph poster that will be suitable for a large run, with the quality required. These limited edition prints will be offered firstly to NHS art collections, as well as to publicly nominated NHS workers. They are to be displayed where the public gather, such as surgeries and clinics, as well as staff rooms. This project will require both a studio/workplace, with a research assistant who is able to oversee the distribution and liaise with the production and its recipients.


A percentage of the fine art prints and posters will be offered for sale to the general public, with the majority of works gifted, to be publicly displayed in corridors, reception areas, staff rooms and NHS workers homes.